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Our Stuudio is the biggest photo studio in central Tallinn and one of the biggest in Estonia. The studio is divided into the bigger Studio A and the smaller Studio B. The total floor capacity is 180 square meters and the height of the ceiling is 470 cm. Our studio has been used by many professional Estonian photographers as well as amateurs. The studio rent includes all of the studio inventory: backgrounds, camera lights, softboxes, make-up corner, etc.
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10 Elinchroms (400, 800 and 1200w)*
  Softboxes: Rota Octa and Strip
  In addition, softboxes, umbrellas, Manfrotto studio tripods, fullsized textile backgrounds, paperbackgrounds, and many more fabrics
  * - studio equipment may be unavaibable due to repairs
Studio A first hour 38, following hours 32
Studio B first hour 29, following hours 22
Rent for contractual client:
Studio A first hour 32, following hours 26
Studio B first hour 26, following hours 19
Used background running meter: 10
Assistance fee per hour: 25
Make-up artist: 25 person
Broken pilot bulb: 13
* - prices exclude VAT.

If you are intrested in studios, then come over and book a time and come to the
studio to take pictures. If you wish to get to know the studio beforehand, then come over and we will show you the studio and the equipment.
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Phone     +372
Additional notes
Some sample photos shot by us:
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Lauteri 7c, 10454 Tallinn
Tel. 6610 830
You will be contacted in 24 hours!

The studio booking can be annulated 24h before the shooting
starts. If the studiotime is not used and if the booking is not
cancelled, there is a fine up to 50% of the booked times cost